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DisciplinedIQ Investment Process

The DisciplinedIQ Investment Process was founded on time-tested wealth management principles. We follow six simple yet effective Key Management Principles to help our clients manage their resources in pursuing their long-term financial goals.

  • Investment Fiduciary Responsibility: The Fiduciary Standard includes the principles of objectivity, suitability, full disclosure and following fiduciary principles in acting in investors' best interests.
  • Independent Thinking: Our investment process focuses on investor expectations, not on maintaining industry traditions.
  • Fee-based Compensation: This arrangement provides for the alignment of investor and advisor objectives. When suitable, we do offer investments on a commission basis.
  • Disciplined Monitoring: Our ongoing investment review allows us to readily select and maintain suitable investment options.
  • Risk-based Allocation: We seek to be responsive to fluctuating market and economic in an effort to avoid risk over-exposure.
  • Systematic: Our process is a systematic application of these management principles together for the benefit of our clients.

The advisors at Camas Financial Services are members of the DisciplinedIQ Investment Committee and maintain direct involvement in all investment decisions. It is this commitment to our clients that makes this process stand out from the rest.

There is really much to be said about DisciplinedIQ, so we encourage you to explore this investment process further by contacting me today for a detailed description of how this process addresses your investment questions.

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